Over time, here in the Pacific Northwest, weather takes its toll on our decks and siding. It is easy to forget the outside with all the gray rainy days we have sometimes! Lounsbury Remodeling can help you spruce up your decks, give them a "fresh" new look! Don't have a deck? We can build you a deck! It is important to have a space to sit and enjoy the sun when it is here! Wether you want Cedar, Composite, or Wood, we have the background with woodwork to help you get the deck you've always wanted! 


Siding can break down. Wether it is replacement you need, or a whole new look, siding is yet another one of our familiar projects! It is important to not only get the look you want, but also the installation you deserve! We specialize in sealing and protecting your siding so it stays warm and dry on the inside, and strong and beautiful on the outside! 


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